Penile Girth Enhancement

Increase Your Girth with UroFill®
Penile Girth Enhancement

Safe. Effective. Proven. Non-surgical.

The Patented UroFill® Penile Girth Enhancement Technique

UroFill® is the innovative, proven approach that offers non-surgical penile girth enhancement using a proprietary patented procedure. The outcome is functionally and cosmetically appealing with durable results. The patented technique is both safe and effective. UroFill® providers are board-certified urologists who have undergone comprehensive training resulting in safe, predictable and successful outcomes. Only UroFill® providers are certified to perform this patented in-office penile girth enhancement procedure.* Trust only the best with your penis!

UroFill® is the only patented (USA, EU, Mexico) and patent-pending (Brazil) penile girth enhancement technique in the world. Only UroFill® offers a standardized, reproducible, safe and efficacious method for your desire to have a bigger penis.

*UroFill is only available for patients aged at least 21 years.

Before and After

UroFill® uses a dermal filler similar to tissue enhancement fillers used on the face, neck or other areas.

The UroFill technique is unique in its delivery of the material and its adaptation to the penis.

A series of simple, office-based injections can provide almost any penile girth a man may desire. The injections are done under local anesthesia and the patient can return to work immediately after the procedure without restrictions. See the results below.

UroFill® Penile Girth Enhancement