UroFill™: The initial term (or “brand”) that Dr. Paul E. Perito created after reviewing his penile girth enhancement results & receiving patent (US10,105,228 B2) for his specific method of success.

UroFill System: The steps of becoming trained, verifying results, utilizing the patented technique.

UroFill Approach: The combination of using a high quality, dermal filler in conjunction with the UroFill Technique.

UroFill Technique: The specific steps a UroFill Provider will take to mirror the patented, measured & clinically studied approach to maximize the dermal filler placement.

UroFill Platform: The proper utilization of the patented UroFill approach, by a UroFill-trained Provider.

UroFill Provider: A UroFill trained medical professional - this includes board certified Urologists, Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon or Sexual Medicine specialists. 

UroFill Site: A clinic site that includes at least one UroFill Provider.