UroFill® Welcomes New Class of Providers after Successful Training Seminar

Brazilian trainees

March also brought five new urologists from diverse regions of Brazil who embarked on a transformative journey to Miami, FL, to undergo intensive training in the patented UroFill® Technique for penile girth enhancement. Led by the technique’s inventor, Dr. Paul Perito, alongside our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alfredo Suarez-Sarmiento, Jr., the three-day seminar immersed participants in a comprehensive program that included hands-on training with over 15 UroFill® patients. The rigorous curriculum encompassed didactic sessions, practical demonstrations, and a crash course aimed at mastering the intricacies of working with hyaluronic acid and its application to penile augmentation. This milestone underscores UroFill®‘s commitment to advancing education and empowering providers worldwide to deliver cutting-edge solutions in male enhancement. Congratulations to the newest certified UroFill® providers: Dr. Mauro Barros, Dr. Andre Macedo, Dr. Fernando Borges Ribeiro, Dr. Celso Piminteira, and Dr. Thiago Mussato, whose successful completion of training marks a significant advancement in the global expansion of the UroFill® network.

The momentum continues as UroFill® announces its upcoming training program scheduled for April 29th and 30th. Patients eager to participate in these innovative training sessions can secure their spots by reaching out to UroFill® via email at info@urofill.com or by contacting the UroFill® hotline at 1-833-876-3455. As UroFill® remains dedicated to fostering excellence and fostering partnerships worldwide, these training initiatives represent a pivotal step toward ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care from skilled and certified providers.

Dr. Perito training