UroFill® Shorts 27: Can UroFill® Be Used For Shaping and/or Building a Urethra?

UroFill® Shorts 3: Sculpting the Penis and Urethra with Hyaluronic Acid

In this UroFill® short, Dr. Paul Perito describes the process through which his patented girth enhancement technique can be used to shape and sculpt the penis while adding more width. By applying hyaluronic acid, specifically to the bottom of the penis, and using injections to construct a new urethra.

This shaping process is extremely useful for patients with malleable or penile prostheses, which can often look ovoid or less physiologic following the procedure.

MTP #70: Peyronie’s and the UroFill® Technique

Peyronie’s Disease can be devastating for patients, leaving many with deformities rendering the penis unrecognizable.

As the existing medications to treat it have questionable efficacy, surgery is often the best outcome. For patients who have undergone treatment early, it’s possible to fill in penile defects with the UroFill® technique.

If patients are over 50 or are experiencing erectile dysfunction, we often recommend the placement of a penile implant to restore function alongside UroFill®.

Between both treatments, potent defects can be addressed! Don’t wait until the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease worsen!